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Russia has gone the an-2 plane with six people on Board

В России исчез самолет Ан-2 с шестью людьми на борту

The search for the aircraft continues.

Yesterday, July 19, in Russia, there was another flight disruptions. The an-2 plane with six people on Board (2 pilots and 4 passengers), flew from the village of Kyren in Buryatia and in Irkutsk oblast and has stopped communicating. It should be noted that in Russia this is the second incident with the An-2 over the past week.

It is possible that An-2 or made a hard emergency landing in the Irkutsk region.

“On Board, 4 passengers and 2 crew members. The plane not communicate. Previously the aircraft is in the Irkutsk region. Could make a hard or crash landing. The fate of people on Board is unknown,” — said an informed source.

In search of flew two planes An-2 and helicopter. We already know that the crew of the an-2 has broken the rules of flying — flew without notice. Passengers on Board also pilots, showed them the area where they had to spend himosranta fields.

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