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Rapper Serega has told why he took the children from ex-wife

Рэпер Серега рассказал, почему забрал детей у бывшей жены

The scandals around the family continue.

Belarusian and Ukrainian singer Sergey Parkhomenko, better known as Serge or Poligraf Sharikoff has released a short film “backwater” about his family and personal life, in which he described why he took to live with two sons of Mark and Plato from the former wife Pauline Ololo. Previously Pauline said that Sergey “took her sons forever.”

The film, posted on the YouTube channel of the artist, begins with a monologue of a rapper, where he explains how within a year he manages to combine work and parenting. Serge shares his recollection of how one day he saw his eldest son Mark playing football. According to the artist, the boy is not very good at it, and he offered his son for a month or two to move in with him to live and train.

“At about this time began to receive complaints from the teachers to the younger son of Plato about his behavior. He became unstable, uncontrolled emotion, often negative, very disturbing behavior. Received an offer to spend some budgets on the psychologist, to which I replied: “I will cope with the situation. The child doesn’t need a therapist, he needs a father.” And they went with me to Kharkiv”, – explained Sergey.

In the film also attended the sons of Sergey and his father. According to the boys grandfather lives with them.

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