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Product named for reducing the risk of viruses

Назван продукт, снижающий риски заражения вирусами

In the context of the epidemic need to pay special attention to the immune system.

This product turned out to be seaweed, or kelp. Experts said that now seaweed is not exactly flying off the shelves of grocery stores. However, it is the product you should pay attention to in the context of pandemic COVID-19.

Kelp helps strengthen the immune system, and antibacterial and antiviral immunity. The product contributes to the protection from seasonal colds. However, experts reminded that seaweed is not a panacea for the coronavirus, but only reduces the risk of infection.

Experts recommend to consume cabbage in any form. We are talking about the canned product, and even dry leaves in the form of chips.

The product also helps fight against other disease – chronic fatigue. In addition, seaweed is a preventive remedy against hypothyroidism – deficiency of thyroid hormones.
Use of laminaria is due to the high content of iodine.

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