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Peak flowering ragweed: how to save people with allergies

Пик цветения амброзии: как спасаться людям с аллергией

For asthmatics, these are difficult days.

In Ukraine at the end of August aktiviziruyutsya ragweed, which can become aggressive allergens that can cause bronchial asthma in humans.

Every week scientists of the Vinnytsia medical University measure the level of pollen in the air. According to them in about ten days will be the peak of dangerous plants.

“It is very important to warn people that they minimized their contacts with the outside world, perhaps in those days stayed home, some people were going somewhere, trying to get away from ragweed,” says Professor Victoria Rodinkova.

Doctors recommended to maintain good hygiene, it is very easy to spread of allergenic pollen.

The pollen remains on the clothes, skin and hair. When a person enters the space, first needs to wash, to wash away the allergen from the skin, hair, clothing. A mandatory rule for people with allergies – in the evening to wash my hair. No shampoo, and to wash, because in the evening when they lay down on the pillow, shaking all the pollen“–said the candidate of medical Sciences Olga Naumova.

To fight with ambrosia it is necessary to root. Mowing the grass is useless, even more so improves its spread. Allergists have explained that with an aggressive plant needs in large quantities, because the seeds of ragweed flies up to 100 km.

It is noted that ragweed is dangerous for healthy people. The more plants, the higher the risk for those who have a genetic predisposition to allergies.

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