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Olga Orlova went overboard with the photoshop and was like a teenager


38-year-old Olga Orlova often shares with followers photos without makeup. Fans believe that the singer looks great without makeup, but often over the top with photoshop. So, one of the last images many simply didn’t recognize the celebrity.



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In the photo Olga posing on the stairs in a striped shirt and grey cardigan. Due to excessive retouching of the face of the singer began to look younger, but absolutely unnatural. Orlov, though wearing the mask of a teenager. Some subscribers even concerned about the health of the artist.

“What You are in this photo do not like”, “Olga You are healthy? Face like a child’s. Very skinny and transparent,” commented the Olga’s fans (Spelling and punctuation more. — Approx. ed.).


We will remind, recently Orlov first told about your lover. “I’m with my man live for five years. We are both Scorpios. And when we argue with him, I see myself from the side. Seen their doorsteps, when the “screws up” your man is here,” said the singer on the show “the invisible Man”.

Ольга перестаралась с фотошопом и перестала быть узнаваемой

Ольга Орлова

Ольга с сыном

Недавно Орлова впервые рассказала о своем возлюбленном

Певица призналась, что они вместе уже пять лет

Ольга Орлова Фото: instagram.com/olgaorlova1311

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