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Oleg Vinnik was the first member of the “Dancing with the stars”

Олег Винник стал первым участником «Танцев со звездами»

Fans are ready to send a text message.

Famous Ukrainian singer Oleg Vinnik, who told how I spent quarantine, became the first member of a new season of show “Dances with stars z”. About it, the artist said on his page on Instagram.

Oleg published a video, which, being at the Olympic stadium in Kiev, announces its participation in the project.

“What is it they say? The stadium the stadium? And I say, “Dance, dance”. Soon we will see you on the floor “Tanzu s with a stars”. Don’t know who will keep me company, but will gladly invite the magic of Hope Meyher. Here it will be dancing!”, – commented the artist.

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Nekrasivska I nakladne for me — TSE Tanach. Legco beautiful is not what it is. Beauty vimage bagato Pratsi. Only through the overcoming Trutnov man reaches novih peaks. The first project “Dances with stars h” @tanci1plus1 on canal 1+1 @1plus1_ua is a perfect platform for tsogo. I rozpoczyna #танціззіркамиchallenge I zaprosu on the floor carvo @nadyameiher 😉 🌹💃

A post shared by Oleg Vinnik (Olegg Vynnyk) (@olegg.vynnyk) on Jul 15, 2020 at 1:58am PDT

“The most beautiful and the most difficult for me is dance. Easy beauty does not happen. Beauty requires a lot of work. Only through the overcoming of difficulties a person reaches new heights. And the project “Tantsi z with a stars” is a perfect platform for this. I start and invited to the floor of the magic Hope Meyher”, signed movie winnick.

Fans of Oleg reacted to the news: “We very long waited for it! This is very cool news! I wish You success and the wolf is always with You!” “Very cool news,” “that’s impossible! Here is the news! Really looking forward to, it will be interesting to see You in the role of a dancer!”, “Are you serious? Wait!”.

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