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“Not our principle”: the statement Pushkov sparked protests from cultural figures

"Не наш принцип": заявление Пушкова вызвало протесты у деятелей культуры

Sensational offer of the head of the Federation Council Commission on information policy and interaction with mass media Alexei Pushkov on the introduction of measures against foreign artists caused alarm among the presidents, producers and organizers of international film festivals.


Politician, author of the analytical program “the PostScript” Alexey Pushkov seriously, said:

– We have introduced measures against a number of foreign politicians, acting with the hostile positions against our country. They are banned entry to Russia. Think the same measures should be entered against the FOREIGN artists who make money in Russia, and then mouthing off at us (from his Twitter).


First, artists don’t make money, and earn them their talent, skill and labor. Artist – not a businessman, and an employee providing services (according to the Russian legislation). Foreign artists coming to Russia on festivals, tours, filming, receive fees for the provision of services. International film festivals pay for the activities of the jury members, master classes, participation in ceremonies. As a rule, all the artists of the West (with rare exception) people are educated, educated, and “do not enjoy the dirt.” Moreover, in the West, in order to Express their opinion not only on international politics but also about internal. For example, the writer Janusz Wisniewski in an interview, “OR” said “if he called the Polish President “a fool”, because it is in prison not jail”. Around the world people are openly criticizing heads of state, members of Parliament and this is called “democracy.”


Mr. Pushkov naive to think that all Western celebrities dream of how they “earn in Russia.” He’s probably not aware of the fact that the last five years due to Western sanctions against Russia a big problem – the participation of Directors, actors, producers in international festivals, held on the territory of our country. And without them the festival loses its status, along with the state budget. Program Director of the Moscow International film festival, film critic Cyril Razlogov 2014 use of all their personal connections (he is a specialist in foreign films) to persuade Western celebrity to come to Moscow, or at least give their work. Wanting a little bit. Helps credibility and the “Oscar” of the President of the festival Nikita Mikhalkov. Hardly. Permanent participant of the Moscow international film festival screenwriter, actor, film Director Alexander Adabashyan said “NO”:

– Unfortunately, due to Western sanctions on Moscow international film festival there are no great names, as it was in years past. No burning desire to go to Russia many outstanding artists.

MIFF because of the coronavirus since April, postponed to October 2020. The festival will take place only in the case that open borders and come from abroad. In August in Orenburg will host the international film festival “East-West””. According to the regulations, the jury must be foreign film. As Alexei Pushkov going to find out: who are Russian waters with mud, and who is not? For example, a member of the jury of one of the festivals was the Director of the USA Slava Tsukerman, who in 1970 he emigrated from Russia to the West, and there have shot their films, particularly the masterpiece “Liquid sky”. Who knows, maybe Pushkov described the arrival of the classic Zukerman in Orenburg for the money, and his film “Stalin’s Wife” and “Restructuring” as “dirt on Russia”?

Theatrical producer, head of the project “Theatrical Russia”, President of the international Fund “Peace and harmony” Elmira Shcherbakova shared with “NO” their opinion on the statement Pushkov:

– I believe that this is another stupid “witch hunt”. My dream is to take back to Russia with Mikhail Baryshnikov. Is it bad if he sees – how it changed our country? From Baryshnikov – a huge international reputation. For our country it is bad that Baryshnikov refuses to pay us a visit. I arranged a tour in the Crimea, Pierre Richard in August. Here is the confrontation between the two countries, the hostility to anything good will not. “An eye for an eye” – not our morality. Culture cannot develop without exchange, without cooperation, explained Elmira Shcherbakova.

If the politician and the analyst Pushkov even knew what fees Western artists receive at home, and what the fees are – in Russia? Before the whole world to make such statements, you can ask and the amounts and personalities.

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