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New hit: funny cat tested the patience of dogs

Новый хит: забавный кот испытал терпение собаки

Video amused users.

As is known, the relationship of cats and dogs are not always serene, especially if the animals live in the same area. Cats always feel the main in the house and dogs for them has never been authority. The network has shown an interesting video cat-dog “communication”.

The video was published in the edition “Ridus”, he has already become viral and gain more than 700 thousand views.

Redhead pussy surprised of the social network of his courage and perseverance. He decided to get a dog that clearly has not been configured for companionship.

Fortunately, because of his annoying behavior, the cat escaped with only slight shock.

Commentators worried about the fate of fluffy more of him.

“Well, where did he get so much courage???”, “I was very scared when the dog barked”, “When I brought the girl up, and try to apologize,””Arrogant red face!”, — write to the network users.

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