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Network laugh a grief-the driver who tried to fill the Tesla Model 3 gasoline

Сеть насмешил горе-водитель, пытавшийся заправить Tesla Model 3 бензином

The guy shouldn’t have been trusted with the management of the electric car.

A few years ago in the Internet appeared the video, which immediately became a hit. It was shown as the girl tried in vain to fill an electric liftback Tesla Model S with gasoline.

And recently, the situation is exactly repeated, only this time the protagonists were made by a young boy and a cheaper model for Tesla – the Model 3 sedan.

As before, the incident occurred at a gas station in the U.S., and was caught by other motorists. In the video, which was posted on YouTube, shows how a young man arrived at the gas station and unsuccessfully trying to fill the “electric three” traditional fuels. First, he tried to insert the gun into the charging port, then began to search the vehicle in an attempt to find the neck, and then even started to “Google” the solution to the problem. As soon as the Internet gave him the answer, the man immediately changed in the face and left the gas station.

Perhaps this movie is fictional, although it is possible that the Americans simply did not know the technique of the car on which he was riding. This sometimes happens with a leased car.

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