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Network fun the dogs on the lizard

Сеть повеселила реакция собак на варана

The video is gaining popularity.

In Thailand, the two dogs met a large lizard, and began to bark at him, but the animal was able to stand up for themselves.

Water monitor lizard seen in dogs as a threat, because he struggled with a tail. It is known that lizards use it as a whip for protection. Because the animal was hit by the tail one of the dogs in the face. Then those behind the giant lizard.

A video published in social networks a resident of Bangkok (capital of Thailand):

Striped lizard (Varanus salvator) is a member of the family of Baranovich. Other names: “marabahaya” and “water lizard”. There are 5 subspecies. They are found in rivers and on coasts. Live in Sri Lanka, Eastern India, Bangladesh, Indochina, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, writes “Wikipedia”.

The total length of the striped lizards to 2.5-3 m, weight up to 25 kg. the Tail is long and flattened at the sides. On the tail there is a double keel with larger scales.

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