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Named the most promising Ukrainian actors

Названы самые перспективные украинские актеры

Behind them is closely monitored.

A list of the most promising young actors of Ukraine in 2020 was led by the Marina Koshkina. Followed by Alexander Rudinsky Pustovit and Anastasiya.

The creators of the rating focused only on young artists with the age milestone of 30 years and a certain creative Luggage.

Helped to make the twenty members of the jury: Irma Vitovskaya, Vladimir Goryansky, Vitalina Biblio, Vyacheslav Dovzhenko, Nazar Zadneprovsky, Yanina Sokolova and others.

  1. Marina Koshkina ( “Cyborg”, “House “Word”, “Zakhar Berkut”).
  2. Alexander Rudinsky (the “First swallows”, “Eleven children from Morshyn”, “Village in a million”, “doctor on call”, “Plantain”, “On martial law” and others).
  3. Anastasia Pustovit ( “When a tree falls,” “Shadow of love”, “give me happiness”, “songbird”).
  4. Dasha Legeyda ( “Temptation”, “Immortelle”, “Artist”, “Fortress”).
  5. Pauline Vasilina ( “Skujene wedding music”, “Temptation”, “blood”, “the Road home”, “Cool-1918”).
  6. Ivan Sharan ( “Slaget of valiyy”, “Velik Vuyki”, “Latest Moskal”, “Artist”).
  7. Antonina Khizhnyak ( “To Catch A Kaydash”).
  8. Natalia Babenko (sports drama “Pulse”).
  9. Andrew Lidagovskiy ( “My thoughts quiet”).
  10. Taras Tsymbalyuk ( “Black Crow”, “To Catch A Kaydash”, “Fortress”).
  11. Eugene Lam ( “Cherkassy”, “Cool-1918”).
  12. Anna Adamovich ( “the threads of fate”, “Female doctor”, “you move me”, “Sniffer-2”, “Clan of jewelers”).
  13. Andrew Fedynich ( “Spin-1918”, “Mukhtar”).
  14. Ksenia Mishina (star project “Fortress”, “don’t let go”, “In the early Sunday I dug potion”, “Marcus”).
  15. Mila Sivaca ( “Threads of fate”, “Owner”).
  16. Vadim Golovko (main movie – “the law of love” (2018), where the actor played Peter-Dmitry Merlin, who lost his memory after the accident and later his wife marries another, and then fate again brings them).
  17. Natalia Denisenko (starred in the movie “Valentine’s Night”, “the Village in a million,” “Age of Jacob”, “the Tale of the old Miller,” “the Road home”, “Fortress”).
  1. Ivan Blinder ( “Pudding” (short film), “When a tree falls”, “the way of the dead”, “the Squat is a 32”).
  2. Dasha Plahtiy (“Strmilov”, “Female doctor”, “Paste”, “Battle”).
  3. Anatole von Filandro (starred in the television series “the Village in a million”, “thread of fate”, but his biggest success – Moriarty, virtuosa parody of the role of Andrew Scott in the British TV series Sherlock (it was a humorous episode from Studio Kvartal 95).

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