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Named products that prevent motion sickness

Названы продукты, предотвращающие укачивание

How to eat before a big trip.

Dietitians from Spain called products that will help to get rid of motion sickness in transport. It can be mild foods such as rice, Apple, chicken breast salad, nuts.

While people who suffer from motion sickness, the road is to give up fatty food.

So, doctors recommend such people to travel at night, in this case, the body receives less stress. Also it is not recommended to read, play phone and watch movies.

If it’s a long way and to refuse to eat will not work, you should take light food such as ricecooked in a small amount of water (to seethe), a light snack – an Apple, peanut, carrot salad, apples, nuts and chicken breastcooked on the grill.

It is also important to abandon the overly salty food, that makes you want to drink (this is unnecessary with motion sickness). Therefore it is better not to eat sandwiches with sausage. Will fit a sandwich of whole wheat bread with tomato and fresh unsalted cheese, suggest nutritionists.

As for drinks, nutritionists recommend ginger tea.

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