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Money on space no. The government cut the financing of the Roscosmos

Денег на космос нет. Власти режут финансирование «Роскосмоса»

The Federal government has cut Federal budget by 10% due to the economic crisis and the fall in oil prices. Among the first “victims” of the sequester of the budget is considered “Roscosmos”. In civil space and defense missile program, which is the responsibility of the Corporation, the Finance Ministry proposes to spend 60 billion rubles less in the next three years. Because of this, in particular, will have to postpone the second stage of construction of the cosmodrome “East” and the development of new space technologies.

The space budget deficit

  • The government has prepared a plan to reduce the Federal budget for the years 2021-2023. Only in 2021, the Finance Ministry plans to cut spending to 1,428 trillion in 2022-m – 1,892 trillion, and in 2023 – at 1,364 trillion. Due to the “Roscosmos” in the next three years is projected to save 60 billion rubles, write “Vedomosti” with reference to materials of the Finance Department.
  • This means that a losing position in the market of commercial launches and heavily dependent on public money “Roscosmos” will be forced for three years to cut their plans by 20 billion rubles per year.
    • AK, for example, in 2021, the program “Priority innovative projects of the rocket-space industry” will be underfunded by 1.7 billion rubles in the framework of the program to create new launch vehicles and advanced space technology. But Russia, apparently, is not necessary because in 2022 and 2023, spending on their development will reduce for a further 2,532 billion.
    • Russia is not interested in the program “development of the cosmodromes” – its funding will fall by 4.1 billion rubles, including “Roscosmos” will not be able to finish the second turn of the cosmodrome “East”, and it means that Russia in the foreseeable future platform for the launch of carrier rockets heavy class “Angara”. Not find money in the budget and modernization of existing launch sites.
    • According to a source in the industry, the space program first goes under the knife with the deterioration of public finances. Russia is second in the US space program, and China, but the industry works in as much as it receives from the Federal budget.
    • However, the representatives of “Roscosmos” I believe that the budget cuts following issue is not yet resolved. Now comes the budget process and establishes parameters for the next three years. Therefore, lobbyists can still achieve the necessary infusions from the budget. However, this will be difficult – by the end of 2020, the budget deficit may reach 4-5 trillion rubles, or 20% of the Treasury.

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