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Media declassified PlayStation 5 price tag

СМИ рассекретили ценник PlayStation 5

The world is waiting for the release.

After the death of the world game consoles PlayStaton 5 and even games for it, Sony never officially voiced its cost. This information is kept secret. However, the official price tag accidentally opened a large French retailer that was placed on their websites PS5 console, preparing for the start of sales.

On the pages of the store lit up two versions of the PlayStation 5 as well as many accessories. If you believe the information the digital version of PS5 will cost 399 euros, while the model with a Blu-Ray drive will cost 100 euros more expensive – 499 Euro.

In addition, on the store page lit up information on the cost of original accessories for console Sony next generation. For example, the cost of the gaming controller DualSense will be 50 euros. Overall, the price dispersion is small for all the peripherals game consoles, including charging, remote controls, headsets – they are all priced in the area of 40-50 euros.

Official information from Sony about the price has not yet been reported, so this information, as well as to other leaks, should be treated with some skepticism. On the other hand, the price tag on the game box will be in the region of an average smartphone, such as iPhone bestseller SE (2020), which for many is perfectly acceptable. Indeed, as shown by years of experience, 399-499 euros is quite a reasonable price for the console.

Sony also has not officially exact date of start of sales of PlayStation 5, only alluding to the Christmas season 2020.

СМИ рассекретили ценник PlayStation 5

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