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Mars showed ultra-high resolution 4K

Марс показали в сверхвысоком разрешении 4K

Panorama of the red planet are quite impressive.

The NASA Rover transmitted to Earth video in ultra-high resolution 4K, which give people the opportunity to see Mars in new ways. The 10-minute clip, posted on YouTube, offers incredibly beautiful panoramic views of the surface of Mars, including the giant of the desert, massive dunes and parched, cracked surface with sharp stones.

“For the first time in the history of science Martian the frames are reproduced in stunning high resolution 4K” – say the authors of the video.

Video “Journey to the surface of another world” was published by the British documentary film ElderFox. According to the authors, it was created using digital photographs taken by the three NASA Rovers – Spirit, Opportunity and Curiosity. Then the images were “stitched” to create the illusion of a camera moving through a desert and barren landscape that provides the illusion of the “most realistic experience of being on Mars”.

The places shown in the video are the names of plain Guinea-Bissau, craters of Santa Maria and burns cliff, and the Valley of Marathon. Some images show parts of the Rover that recorded the image, while others have small black areas left by gluing the images.

Reddish and hazy Martian sky video sometimes manifests itself in colors from yellow to blue, which according to the authors, is the result of “repainting of images made by NASA to help geologists to identify rocks”.

Spirit and Opportunity are no longer functional. Now on Mars there is only one camera – Curiosity. Next year Mars will be a new Rover – Perseverance. This model will also deploy a helicopter to the Ingenuity, that can get sky and will help NASA to avoid the sand traps that are a danger to Rovers. But since the atmosphere on Mars is much thinner than on Earth, the Ingenuity of the rotor blades have to rotate at a speed of 2400 rpm, whereas for ground helicopters rather 500 rpm.

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