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Lukashenko said the protesters unemployed with a criminal record

Лукашенко назвал протестующих безработными с криминальным прошлым

Lukashenko called a meeting.

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko on Wednesday, August 12, called a meeting on current issues after the election.

“As agreed before the election that a few days after the electoral campaign will meet and discuss topical issues of the functioning of our state. It is clear from the situation that the most important task facing the authorities, particularly the security Council (perhaps, especially) is to ensure the safety of our citizens, protection of constitutional order and the normal functioning of state bodies”, — he said.

The basis and Foundation of all and the most important question Lukashenko called the functioning of the economy.

“All who want to work, who wants to work should have a job and, consequently, wages. Everyone who’s out today should be studied, and they should be offered a job. The basis of all these so-called protesters — people with criminal records and unemployed today. No work means, “walk uncle through the streets and avenues”. So I’m asking you nicely and I warn you all: to get a job those who do not work” — said Lukashenko.

“And I want to warn some of our, to put it mildly, bourgeoisified citizens: God forbid someone someone will issue fake certificates of employment. Everything should be honestly and decently,” added the Belarusian President.

He has instructed law enforcement agencies and state agencies to ensure the implementation of such instructions.

The meeting also discussed the issues of ideology, personnel, and media.

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