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Jupiter’s moons were on one photo

Юпитер со спутниками попал на одно фото

The really impressive.

Russian photographer did a spectacular photo of Jupiter and its moons.

The he posted on his Instagram page, where a signed grad.i.ent.

Sibiryak Dmitry from the city of Barnaul were filming Jupiter ascending in the Altai mountains.

Space station “Juno” made the new images of the largest planet of the Solar system — Jupiter. The photo depicts a band of storms of the gas giant. Jupiter rotates with the greatest speed, the day here ends in just ten hours. This rotation creates a strong flow and parts the clouds of Jupiter’s bright zones and dark bands, which fell into the frame.

Also NASA astronomers showed the frozen surface of a moon of Saturn — Enceladus. The picture shows that it is covered with bright white ice. Scientists say that the satellite can be partially compared with the Earth’s surface, but its width is only 500 kilometers.

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