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Jared Leto will play Andy Warhol in the documentary

Джаред Лето сыграет Энди Уорхола в документальном фильме

The actor is already preparing for the role.

Hollywood is preparing to shoot a documentary film on the life of famous American artist Andy Warhol. The filmmakers offered the starring role to Academy award winning actor Jared Leto.

The actor himself agreed to participate in this project without hesitation and said that this film will be one of the most significant in his career. Summer admits that she was very excited when I found out about this offer. However, rumours that the actor will star in the movie about the famous artist, appeared for a long time, and only a couple of days ago, the actor confirmed that indeed will star in the film and is already preparing to shoot.

“Yes, it’s true, I’m going to play Andy Warhol in the upcoming movie. I’m so thankful and excited about this opportunity! We miss you and your genius, Andy!”, — wrote the actor on his twitter page.

The picture will be removed the works of Victor Bockris 1989 “Warhol: biography”. It is noteworthy that Jared Leto has acquired the movie rights to this book. In acquiring the rights he was helped by producer Michael de Luca. Shortly before filming, the actor chose the screenwriter, who will work on the dialogues and story line. They became Terence winter. The audience he is known for the script for the famous movie “the Wolf of wall street”.

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