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Ivan Safronov in jail “right back”

Ивану Сафронову в СИЗО «вправили спину»

Detained on suspicion of treason, a former journalist and adviser to the head of “Roscosmos” Ivan Safronov visited in “Lefortovo” the members of the PMC of Moscow, among whom was our commentator. According to Safronov, in jail him “right back”.

Ivan Safronov in jail looking better and better. Apparently, the initial shock of detention just passed. Adviser to the head of the Roscosmos, apparently, developed the tactic as not only not discouraged, but to use the situation for its development and “hardening” of character. Before we spoke with him the Commissioner for human rights in Russia Tatiana Moskalkova.


– Promised to help, – says Ivan. – And in General very glad to see you!

– We. Especially nice that you are in good spirits. See your stuff before you came.

– Yes, here are tracksuit wearing, which I just passed. But beneath a prison shirt. I like it.

(Here the employee of the jail says that a t-shirt will have to return – because state-owned property – Ed.)

Come in my orders from the prison stall – toothbrush, razor… Life is getting better in General. On account I have 12 thousand rubles, so I will be able to order something.

And letters and telegrams?

– A lot of it. It turned out that the telegrams all in one pack brought the 15th, and they are dated July 9,10,11.

Five days for telegrams in the “Lefortovo” is not a long time.

And letters are almost a hundred. Write colleagues, comrades, strangers to me from all over the country, even from the Urals. I answered them all. Only over the weekend wrote a letter 71. Wrote to all relatives except two nephews (they are still small). Generally pen wrote the last time at the University. But I tried to make the handwriting was legible. That’s how interesting life is, I had to remember the paper and pen…

– As the health?

– I was given a new normal pillow instead of tiny. And the doctor me right back! Vertebrae back into place with a crunch. So it’s all good.


Photo courtesy of the press service of the Moscow city court


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