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Italian Institute called Putin the most influential politician in the world

Итальянский институт назвал Путина самым влиятельным политиком в мире

The most influential politician in the world consider Russian President Vladimir Putin Italian experts. As reported by the news Agency TASS, this is evidenced by data survey, conducted by the Institute for international political studies.

42 percent of the surveyed experts named the Russian President the most influential politician in the world in 2015. In the second place, the results of the study, with 28 percent of votes was President Barack Obama. And the third was Pope Francis, who received 16 percent of the vote. In addition, Russia experts called the most influential country, whose weight in the international arena increased significantly. Also, according to experts, the increased influence of China, while the US has conversely decreased.

The Institute for international political studies conducts such surveys annually. They are attended by authoritative experts, political scientists, diplomats, journalists and managers of leading companies. On the basis of the survey data is compiled not only the popularity ranking of politicians, but also, for example, a list of risks and threats for Italy. This year, according to experts, the greatest threat is Islamic terrorism and middle East crises. And among the most urgent risks, the experts highlighted the instability in Libya and the economic crisis.

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