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It became known how much it would cost vaccines against coronavirus

Стало известно, сколько будут стоить вакцины от коронавируса

Prices may vary in different countries.

A large pharmaceutical company actively engaged in the development of vaccines and drugs against Сovid-19. And the most important question for today, what will be the price of future life-saving drugs.

So, for example, an American biotechnology company Moderna intends to set up on his vaccine price of about $50-60 per course of vaccinations, which is about $25-30 per dose. About this newspaper The Financial Times, citing well-informed sources.

This price is for the United States and other countries with high-income population, said the experts.

Other companies who are developing vaccines against Сovid-19, are planning to sell their drugs cheaper. For example, the American Pfizer and the German BioNTtech assessed their vaccine in $19,5 per dose, and the British-Swedish AstraZeneca — $3-4.

We will remind that on July 27, Moderna announced the transition to the third phase of clinical trials of an experimental vaccine against the coronavirus. It will be attended by about 30,000 volunteers, the largest in the world in the number of volunteers testing a vaccine against coronavirus.

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