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Index of kebab: how changing prices the last five years

Индекс шашлыка: как менялись цены последние пять лет

How much is a picnic Ukrainians.

Summer is in full swing. And if you go to the beach this year will not all, then out to a barbecue more real. The journalists decided to bring the barbecue index, which includes the cost of camping for a family of two adults and two children. We also looked at how changing the cost of the barbecue for families from 2014 to 2019.

To print the index of the barbecue, we chose the classical minimum set of products: pork, onion, bread rye and wheat, cucumbers and tomatoes. In their calculations used the average prices in Ukraine in April of that year, and over the past two years took prices for July. The index of the barbecue we were taken according to the state statistics and the research Institute “Ukragropromproject” (market prices).

Note that every year the index of the barbecue vozrastal. In 2014, 2 kg of pork worth UAH 104 46 kopeks, 1 kg of fresh cucumbers – 20 UAH 46 kop., 1 kg of tomatoes – 20 UAH 66 kopecks, rye bread, rye-wheat (1 kg) – 5 UAH 4 COP., kg onion – 12 UAH 28 kopeks. the Minimum cost of the grill food set five years ago was 160 UAH 38 kopecks.

In a year 2 kg of pork already cost UAH 134 16 COP., bow fell two times – 6 UAH 2 kopecks, the bread has risen to 9 UAH 57 kopecks and UAH 4. 78. respectively, per kg cucumber asked 35 UAH 74 kopecks., and tomatoes – 48 UAH 63 kop. the Whole set cost 229 UAH 34 kopecks.

In 2016 the total cost of the barbecue for the family has decreased due to the fact that prices fell slightly, including meat. Pork (2 kg) was 132 UAH, onions – 7 UAH 69 kopecks, the bread was worth almost UAH 10, cucumbers – 34 UAH 14 kopeks, and tomatoes sold for 39 UAH COP. 72 the result was 218 UAH 64 kopecks.

In 2017, the pork had already been for 169 UAH 24 kopecks (2 kg), onions became cheaper and cost 4 UAH 95 kopecks, the bread became more expensive – 13 UAH 56 UAH COP. 4 and COP. 99, cucumbers cost 46 UAH 95 kopecks., and tomatoes – UAH 47 57 kopecks Modest family picnic two years ago was worth UAH 275 49 kopecks.

In 2018, a modest picnic for the family was worth 333 UAH 21 COP:pig – 231 UAH 52 kopecks., onions – 6 UAH 84 kop., bread – 16 UAH 8 4 UAH kop. and 2 kop., cucumbers – 41 UAH 70 kopeks, tomatoes – 45 UAH 13 kopecks.

During the year the cost of the picnic has grown to 354 UAH 26 kopecks: 2 kg of pork we had to put a 268 UAH 4 COP., in bow – 13 UAH 69 kopecks., kg of bread – 2 UAH 19 kopeks, cucumbers – 16 UAH 71 kopecks, tomatoes – UAH 46 31 kopecks.

In 2020, the minimum set of skewers for a family of four people in July was worth 366 UAH 68 kop. Pork has risen to 269 UAH per 2 kg, onion became cheaper for the average asked 41 11 UAH kopeks, rye bread, rye-wheat has become more expensive – 6 21 UAH kopeks per kg, cucumbers skyrocketed in price compared to last year and cost an average of 38 UAH 79 kopecks., and tomatoes – 36 UAH. 95 COP.

Индекс шашлыка: как менялись цены последние пять лет

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