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In Ukraine, prices have fallen a popular vegetable

В Украине обвалились цены на популярный овощ

Potatoes are recently becoming more available.

According to analysts, national manufacturers offer buyers the potatoes by 12 per cent cheaper than it cost a week ago.

Today to buy potatoes at markets or in supermarkets can be an average of five to seven hryvnia per kilogram. Due to the fact that there was pressure prices, combined with a low rate of sales, so manufacturers have to reduce the price to “shake up” the pace of implementation of the potatoes.

The surplus of potatoes in the market have led the so-called seasonal factor, when the number of products in retail outlets increases almost daily.

Last year during the same period, potatoes were being sold significantly more expensive — its price was twenty five percent higher. Producers figured that if I didn’t reduce the price now, artificially, the potatoes with the slower pace of sales will fall in price even more.

This allows the Ukrainians to buy potatoes with the stock. In the end, this product not only appears in almost every dish, but is a very good person to include in your diet potatoes enriched with potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, and vitamin C. in Addition, the potato contains valuable minerals like iron, manganese and others. However, it is not necessary to consume this vegetable: solanine, also found in potatoes is able to have a devastating impact on the human nervous system.

Previously, we wrote about the fact that the potato is not the only product on the Ukrainian market, is rapidly falling in price. Cheaper and watermelons, so now Ukrainians will be able to eat these berries, significantly saving.

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