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In Ukraine closed the criminal case against Poroshenko

На Украине закрыли уголовное дело против Порошенко

The state Bureau of investigation (GBR) has closed the criminal case on money income vs the fifth President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. Reports about it “Strenia”.

His actions have not found crime structure. Poroshenko’s lawyer Ilya Novikov claims that the investigator was under pressure, and the head of the investigative group Oleg Koretsky agreed in the near future to tell the press about it.

Initiator business lawyer Andriy Portnov said that the current Ukrainian authorities are trying to rehabilitate Poroshenko, saving his money and assets. He promised to challenge the decision to close the issue in court.

The case of money laundering through the factory “Forge on rybalskaya” opened in 2019 after the statements of Portnov. According to him, Poroshenko stole the budget funds through the “Forge”, and then laundered illegal profits, after the sale of the factory offshore.

Poroshenko appears in several criminal cases about money laundering through offshore companies, interference in the operation of the courts, laundering of stolen army money and attempting to overthrow the constitutional order. For most of them, he is a witness, in the case of illegal appointment of the Deputy head of the foreign intelligence Service, the former President became a suspect, but escaped arrest. Poroshenko also announced that it had filed a case of inciting religious hatred when creating the Orthodox Church in Ukraine (PCU).

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