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In Ukraine can return car inspection: what you need to know the drivers

В Украине могут вернуть техосмотр автомобилей: что нужно знать водителям

To whom and how often you should undergo.

In Ukraine can return to compulsory inspection every two years, but not for everyone, but only for parts of the machinery.

Want to get this for cars that are imported from abroad and which correspond to the ecological standard Euro-2 to Euro-4.

Such innovations are planned in accordance with the package of bills No. 3704, 3705 and 3706, which was developed and introduced in Parliament several dozens of deputies from “public Servants”. As writes the edition, the standard Euro-2 are consistent with those cars that were released from 1995 to 1999.

Be sure to go through technical inspection (MOT) every two years, will have cars imported into Ukraine and released from 1995 to 2005. Newer cars such a procedure should not be held.

How often will I need to undergo:

— when importing a car to Ukraine (within three months);

— every two years after importation.

What cars must pass THEN:

— imported into Ukraine;

— those who do not comply with the environmental standard Euro-4 and below (released before 2005).

In addition, the publication write — in document I propose to abolish excise duty on cars from January 2021 for all. Even those Ukrainians who imported the “euronumber” in 2015 and all this time in violation of the law refused to clear its purchase, will be exempt from excise duty.

Such a rule is discriminatory signs, said the lawyer Olga Nikolaenko.

“For example, two Ukrainians brought in one day two cars. Both delayed customs clearance time, but in 2018 they received preferential treatment and customs clearance of proposed special conditions. One paid the excise, VAT and duties, and the second refused. Now it turns out that the latter do not have to pay excise duty, as it was canceled. The inspection cost — from 1500 UAH”, — she told.

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