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In St. Petersburg, 80% of people infected with coronavirus medics left without a President payments

В Петербурге 80% заразившихся коронавирусом медиков оставили без президентских выплат

Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg Oleg Ergashev instructed the Chairman of the health Committee Dmitry Lisovets to establish a working group to investigate. She must find out why the city ignored the President’s decree on insurance payments to recover from doctors, writes “Fontanka”. Although there are more than 7 thousand health workers infected with coronavirus, compensation payments were only 1.5 thousand workers.

“As a result of analysis of information on the progress of implementation on the territory of St. Petersburg of the decree of the President from 6 may, No. 313, the conclusion was made about the low level of organization of work for the investigation of cases of new coronavirus infection of health care workers when providing care to patients COVID-19. As at 28 July 2020 at the St. Petersburg regional branch of Fund of social insurance (operator payment) details given about 2410 cases of the doctors, the investigation is completed and furnished, payment only in respect of 1577,” wrote Ergashev in a letter to Lisovets. In the office of the Vice-Governor was unable to immediately confirm the authenticity of the document dated 31 July.

According to the Governor Alexander Beglov, in St. Petersburg, has infected more than 7000 health care workers. The data, he announced on 24 July.

In “memory list” currently has more than 60 employees of the St. Petersburg hospitals and ambulances, who died after the disease COVID-19. Investigation of cases completed only in respect of two, said Ergashev.

According to “Fontanka”, the intensification of the verification activities Smolny associated with increased attention of the Ministry of health and the Kremlin to the situation with insurance payments.


Vladimir Putin in late July signed a decree according to which the term of investigation of cases of infection doctors reduced to one day. For this reason, the head physician of the St. Petersburg hospitals were instructed to create a Commission to investigate cases of coronavirus immediately after they will receive a notification about the infected employee, and during the day to confirm or deny the fact of rendering by the employee of the patient with COVID-19. On the same day is help on the investigation.

Heads of regional administrations are also involved in the work. They need to take personal control of the investigation carried out by the doctors in the clinics.

Reports on the number of infected doctors and investigations conducted by the Chairman of the health Committee Lisovets should send to Smolny weekly. And lists of surnames have every day to check the CPS, the center of occupational pathology and the regional office of social insurance Fund. Investigations on unsettled from all of the doctors have to take an explanatory, according to the telegram-channel “Sterilizer”.

Vladimir Putin took the infected by the new coronavirus infection to occupational diseases at the beginning of may 2020. A single insurance payment 68 811 rubles – in case of temporary disability – should receive all the sick in providing care to patients. If the infection caused the disability, the physician seeks compensation from 688 thousand to 2 million rubles. Death is estimated at 2.75 million rubles.

In St. Petersburg, except for the presidency, established by city payment of the infected doctors in the amount of 300 thousand rubles. The principle of the investigation is the same. Initially, the health Committee has placed strict conditions on physicians, prescribing “correct” algorithm of infection and dying.


So, in the death certificate the cause must contain novel coronavirus infection. If a health worker has died from concomitant diseases, his family, the payment can not claim.

Payment of the infected doctors almost entirely dependent on the opinion of the chief physician of the institution where the employees work. The statement on the payment of the health care provider must have gotten a package of documents, including “an act of recognition to victims as a result of helping sick patients.”

Subsequently, the officials still simplified bureaucratic procedures for recognition of physician-affected COVID-19.


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