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In Russia, the famous rapper killed his own wife

В России известного рэпера убила собственная жена

His remains she kept in the fridge.

In St. Petersburg there was another terrible case. Here in the apartment found the dismembered body, which belongs to the rapper, party group Battle Versus Andy Cartwright (real name Alexander Yushko — Ed.). According to preliminary reports, the singer dismembered his wife Marina Kohala, which reported that he died four days ago from an overdose. She allegedly didn’t want the singer considered an addict, so I decided to get rid of the body.

This is with reference to a source in law enforcement bodies, reports TASS on Thursday, July 30. The remains of the institution were in the fridge in bags.

Telegram-channel Baza writes that the murder the police learned from a lawyer, who called the wife of the deceased, saying that he’s been dead for four days. “When the apartment suddenly the police came, they were met by the Marina Kohala and five black packets. They were fragments of the body of the rapper. Kohala told that her husband died from a drug overdose. For four days she thought to do with the body, and then finally came up and dismembered Cartwright. Kohala detained, if her story about her husband’s death is confirmed, she will be charged with murder” — according to Baza.

According to the Telegram-channel Mash, the wife allegedly didn’t want Andy Cartwright believed a drug addict and after, she claims, of overdose dismembered the body and was planning to announce that rapper is gone.

В России известного рэпера убила собственная жена

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