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In Italy the owner of a Ford Focus was fined for speed 703 km/h

В Италии владельца Ford Focus оштрафовали за скорость 703 км/ч

The radar showed a strange result.

A curious incident occurred in Italy with the owner of a Ford Focus. The motorist received a fine for having allegedly traveled at a speed of the aircraft.

On a plot of traffic speed limit was 70 km/h, whereas the camera of auto-commit violations of traffic regulations recorded a tenfold excess of speed by the driver of the Ford. According to the radar, its speed was 703 km/h!

What is even more strange – the police have not verified the information and issued the woman a fine of 850 euros and deducted from the rights of 10 points (in Italy at the time of obtaining the driver’s license of the motorist is given 20 points, and if he fully consumes, you need to retake the exam to regain the right driving). Law enforcement officers are not troubled by the fact that the car simply could not move with such speed though, because even in top-end version of the latest generation of “maximum speed” Ford Focus is 250 km/h.

However, this is not the end of the story. The head of the local compliance Committee of the SDA Giovanni Strologo, which asked the driver, advised me to take the penalty and then challenge it in court and demand compensation. The organization also suggested that the Italian legal assistance because she was dissatisfied with the negligence of the police.

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