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In India I love Russian weapons

В Индии любят российское оружие

Russian weapons are in great demand among the Indians. According to the Agency TASS, Russia is the biggest supplier to India.

According to the Indian Ministry of defence, over the last three years the total cost of the agreements exceeded $ 5 billion. In second place was the U.S., military products which the budget of India in 2012 was worth 4.4 billion dollars.

First place went to Russia and the number of defence contracts signed with India during this period – 18. In second place is the USA (13), the third – France (6).

According to the Stockholm Institute of peace studies, India, for its part, is the largest buyer of Russian weaponry, from 2011-2015 accounted for 39 percent of domestic military products. It is significantly ahead of China and Vietnam, who shared second place with 11 percent.

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