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In Germany, the man with the bow disarmed four policemen

В Германии мужчина с луком обезоружил четверых полицейских

Organized a massive search for the men.

Sunday, July 12 on the territory of the Federal state of Baden-württemberg in Germany, the 31-year-old man armed with a gun, bow and arrow, took the service weapon four policemen and disappeared into the woods.

The incident happened in the town of Oppenau. There the police received a call about an armed man in the forest hut. To the place of profit militiamen. When they entered the hut, it turned out that the man was armed. He pulled a gun and pointed it at officers. He urged them to remove their service weapons, which they did, “to prevent the worst things.”

After that, a heavily armed man fled to the woods, and now there are his large-scale searches. We have involved more than 100 police officers, several patrol cars and three police helicopters.

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