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In Germany, scientists taught the dogs to recognize the coronavirus

В Германии ученые научили собак распознавать коронавирус

The accuracy is 94%.

Scientists from the Hanover University of veterinary medicine taught the dogs to recognize the samples which were taken from the infected with the coronavirus.

So, eight dogs were selected from law enforcement agencies of Germany, after which they were sent for special training for a few weeks. According to scientists, the success rate of the experiment was at 94%. Just participating in the study took more than a thousand healthy and sick person.

“We think it works due to the fact that the body is infected with quite different metabolic processes. Due to this, dogs can detect specific odor,” said Professor Maren von Nekritz Blickwede.

In the case that further investigation will show such a successful result, dogs will be able to use in airports to detect infected.

Now, according to the researcher, the dogs need to distinguish patients that they could discern diseases such as influenza and coronavirus.

Before that, we wrote that a similar “coaching” dog was adopted by the researchers in Austria. Scientists say that animals can detect even asymptomatic infected.

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