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In China, due to the plague quarantined

В Китае из-за чумы объявили карантин

The patient refused the blood stream.

In the Chinese city of Baotou, said that one person died from an intestinal plague – one of the four forms, affecting the human digestive system.

The patient died Sunday, August 2, after the failure of the circulatory system. Authorities isolated the nine people who were in close contact with the deceased and their contact person.

Only the quarantine was placed 35 people, injected them with preventive medications, and also conducted tests polymerase chain reaction (PCR), which detect the bacteria that cause plague. All their results were negative.

The government acknowledged that the city was facing a potential epidemic of the plague among the people and blocked the region.

It is noted that in the past month in China has also been found a case of bubonic plague.

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