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In Britain sell the stick, the “protection” from harmful radiation 5G

В Британии продают флешки, «защищающие» от вредного излучения 5G

Startup raises many questions.

What tricks fraudsters are not to extract from the pockets of gullible buyers of their “hard earned”. In the UK, for example, has started to sell a USB stick that supposedly protect from the influence of 5G networks with the help of “technology of quantum fluctuations”. The novelty has received name 5GBioShield, which literally can be translated as “5GБиоЩит”.

BioShield Distribution company that sells them, indicates that the device “emits a large number of frequencies of the life forces that have a positive impact on overall health”. And “thanks to wearable holographic nanolayer catalyst, which can be taken or placed near the smartphone or any other gadget that transmits electromagnetic waves, technology of the quantum fluctuations used in 5GBioShield, balance and harmonize the disturbance frequency resulting from the electromagnetic mist generated by devices such as laptops, cordless phones, wifi routers, tablets and so on”.

Put simply, the device must be connected to the computer or put next with a smartphone. Then the owner will wrap a protective bubble which does not break any rig 5G.

As specifies the edition , the BBC, which decided to understand the issue, the USB shield has praised an independent member of the Advisory Committee on 5G English city of Glastonbury Tony Hall (Tony Hall). According to him, he uses it and advises others, because of 5G, according to him, the dying birds, the growing number of suicides, and some another, and the blood from a nose goes. However, no scientific evidence of this.

The journalists of the BBC appealed to the security professionals, who, at the request of the edition acquired a USB flash drive 5GBioShield. They dismantled the device and found that unsuspecting buyers are trying to “vtyuhat” ordinary USB flash drives with capacity of 128 MB. A quick search on the well-known Chinese online platform have shown that the cost of such drives is about $6.

But with stickers, and some “holographic quantum technology catalyst” for the cost of the device is raised to approximately 280-330 pounds. It is so much asking for the USB shield. For a set of three USB drives, the company asks only 795 pounds (more than 26 thousand hryvnias). A very favorable offer.

The BBC appealed to the BioShield Distribution for comments regarding the conclusions of the experts, but they began to insist on:

“We have a large amount of technical information, confirmed by historical research. As you know, we can’t share all this information with other parties”, — said in the company.

From this we can conclude that the company is only a distributor, not the manufacturer.

“With regard to the analysis of the cost of the device, which was carried out by your researchers, the lack of complete technical data will not lead to a realistic assessment of our costs for development and production, as well as the calculation of our intellectual property rights. It is difficult to relate to your evaluation seriously, since you obviously do not take into account background factors”, — followed in the Appendix.

In General, the security professionals accused of incompetence in matters of quantum technologies.

В Британии продают флешки, «защищающие» от вредного излучения 5G

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