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In Australia EMU due to “bad behavior” has been banned from the hotel

В Австралии эму из-за «плохого поведения» запретили посещать отель

They staged a pogrom in the room.

In Australia, in Queensland, in the town of Araca, two EMU — Kevin and Carol — are forbidden to go to the only hotel in the village because of their “bad behavior”.

The Yaraka hotel owners said that they had no choice but to ban animals to go to their territory.

“They were stealing things from the guests, especially the food. They bury their heads and plucked the toast from the toaster. But the main reason for the ban is their droppings. It is huge and very smelly and it stains” — complained to the owners.

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So the owners decided to install a barrier made of pieces of rope at the entrances to the hotel.

Now the city is only two adults EMU — Kevin and Carol, so they are considered a tourist attraction.

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Two emus in Yaraka, Queensland (population 16 or so, not including the emus), have been banned from the local pub. Gerry Gimblett, who owns the Yaraka Hotel with her husband Chris, told Guardian Australia they were left with no other option after the birds’ recent “bad behaviour”. “They’ve been stealing things from the guests, especially their food. They d stick their heads in and pinch the toast out of the toaster,” Gimblett explained. “But the main reason we’ve banned them is their droppings. They’re enormous, very large and very smelly, and they created great stains,” she said. Though the emus are a great tourist attraction, the pub reportedly has not experienced a significant drop-off in patronage, according to Gimblett.

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“We love them as part of a community Araka, but we no longer welcome inside the hotel,” said the owners.

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