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However, which opened the pathologists at autopsy in patients with Coved-19

Правда, которая открылась патологоанатомам при вскрытии пациентов с Ковид-19

The notorious coronavirus will long echo to all of us. The virus came and will stay with us forever, gradually turning into the common cold. At least so say the doctors, but about a new infection we know nothing. Most likely, he will bring us much more surprises than we think, given the fact that the doctors of the world every day to announce all new and new details.

For example, St. Petersburg pathologist spoke about the mysteries that were opened to him after the autopsy of dead bodies from kovida patients.

Well, first of all we should say about the most important, top puzzle: the virus affects almost all the internal organs. Liver, intestines, kidneys, lungs and brain.
What he does with our respiratory system is impossible to pinpoint with pneumonia. It’s something else, but that’s what it is. It’s too early.

Head of the Center for infectious disease City hospital. Botkin, Professor Vsevolod Zinserling told that the doctors still have not figured out the mechanism of development COVID-19.

“We still do not understand the pathogenesis, that is, the mechanism of development of this infection, despite the fact that the epidemic has developed views on the causes of death from kovida… we Have evidence that the virus affects the organs of immunogenesis, on the one hand leading to immune deficiency, and on the other hand inducing autoimmune destruction,” said Zinserling.

The biggest mystery and obscurity lies in the fact that many patients after chickenpox virus, feel very good, even though their body has already happened a total change. What is the reason? Question!

There is speculation that this could work with human adaptation to new diseases.

That’s what the coroner said of Primorye: “In the affected lung has only a few “air” areas, and the rest of the fabric is totally consumed with pneumonia. They are completely airless, “rubber” consistency, dense, blood-engorged. The patient dies painfully, because gas exchange is almost completely missing, light struck, 80-90 percent of. This condition develops very quickly. We observed many cases when the first clinical signs to death was not more than a week. Chance of such lesions in patients is virtually no.”

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