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How to update Android why do it

Как обновить Android и зачем это делать

Many people ignore the updates.

Now it is all used to the fact that the smartphone should be updated periodically, but not everyone knows not only how to do it, but why is this even necessary. Many people simply think that the device works and why it is necessary at all to touch. Once this approach really worked, but now you can’t already and update of the smartphone has evolved from a luxury to a necessity. Let’s see how to update your smartphone so that everything went smoothly and you got new features that will please you. But at the same time will answer the question of why the mobile is not updated in a year or two.

How to update Android

In fact, there is nothing easier than to upgrade to a modern phone. It previously had to download software on computer, connect wire, and then wait a long time before updated. Now everything is much simpler and is done ”over the air” in a single click.

How to know version of Android

In order to find out which version Android, open Settings, scroll to the “System” and inside find “advanced settings”. Open them, then click ”system Update”. Here you can check the version of Android and be familiar with the security system. It is already possible to conclude whether it is necessary to make an update.

How to install upgrade Android

To upgrade the version of Android you can in a paragraph, the way to which is written above. If you want to upgrade the security system, you need to open settings and find the item ”Security”. Continue to check for updates. Accordingly, it is necessary to press ”Update security” or ”System update Google Play”.

Whatever you updated, you just have to select the relevant item, and then follow the instructions on the screen. System updates are now specially made so that it was easy and didn’t cause any extra issues.

Do I need to update the phone

Phone need to upgrade period! Primarily due to the fact that installed on the phone software has ceased to be just a firmware a complete operating system. It consists of tens of thousands of lines of code, which of course margin for error. On this work the manufacturer after the release of the smartphone on the market.

Users in the process of operation find these errors, and the manufacturer gains database and issuing an update. Sometimes the errors are harmless and can be reduced to, for example, the icon will stand on two pixels to the left or the menu will be open a little longer.

But sometimes the errors are critical and cause a certain sequence of actions may simply atypical phone. And there are security bugs that leave a huge hole in the protection of the phone, and errors that lead to incorrect operation of the camera or screen, degrading their quality.

It could be said that a firmware update will not make the smartphone better and gives him more of a badass camera or the ability to transfer data, but it is not — will! Often manufacturers releasing smartphone announce some function, like mode bokeh or the ability to shoot video in 4K. Then they finalize and send the update, which will force the hardware to work more productively.

And the upgrade can increase performance, increase battery life, improve the operation in a cellular network or a Wi-Fi network and more. In General, the update on the phone is not just possible, but necessary to install.

Why not updated the phone

The older the phone, the reluctant manufacturer releases updates for it. For any period of approximately 1-3 years. For iPhone update period reaches 5 years. These deadlines are counted from the presentation of the phone, not from the date of purchase. It is in this negative buy devices released a year or two ago.

Over time, much easier to work on new smartphones, filling it with features than endlessly to patch holes in old ones. However, sometimes there are exceptions, and in case of detection of really critical mistakes producers can release an update for the old device, but it is very rare. In the end, over two or three years of really critical bugs have time to be.

Update old phone

Update old smartphone is theoretically also possible, but it is a more difficult process and few ordinary users will want to do it, and professionals know how to do it.

Now two or three years of support is enough, but earlier people did not update their phones. Remember those devices that are produced in the early and mid-zero. They were just released and the update was something from the category of fiction. Sometimes of course, they came out, but the installation process was too complex, and information about the new almost never was.

Just the functionality of those phones was such that to release the firmware to ”lick” it before entering the market was much easier. And then there was the race for the release of the phone first. They just kind of go out there and everyone is happy. It is now necessary to release a smartphone strictly once a year. In such circumstances, the probability of error, of course, significantly higher.

And then the phone is not required to constantly change the design and functionality of the menu, and the user requirements were not as strict. That only is that the incoming and outgoing SMS stored in different folders, and everyone is happy — we can all find something that now.

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