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How to choose fresh fish? 4 basic rules

Как выбрать свежую рыбу? 4 основных правила 


How to understand the freshness of the fish?

Fish is a valuable and necessary food product, as it contains elements that cannot be found in any other product. Several centuries ago, nobles felt the fish “cat food” or “food of the poor”, and today great fish meat is used in dishes of various cuisines. People have long appreciated such a product. With the increase of its popularity rose and the price of it. But, for the fish brought only benefits, you must learn to acquire the most recent and high quality product. The fact is that the sea or river fish spoils very quickly, and the sellers are interested in selling, to deceive potential buyers, giving an old product for a fresh and affirming that this product is the most fresh. But according to the frozen fish and say – yesterday it was frozen or a couple of weeks ago…

What is the danger of stale fish?

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