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History and sightseeing beleva

In the Tula region, many interesting towns and cities whose history begins in the middle Ages. One of them Belev. Attractions here, despite the small size of the city, a lot. Among them are the monasteries, temples, museums. Description minutes beleva and some of their pictures presented in the article.


История и достопримечательности Белева



The history of the city

Belev was first mentioned in documents in the 12th century, or rather, 1147, or about the same time as Moscow. In the late 15th century, the city was in the power of the Lithuanian princedom. At this period was the heyday of the city. Formed Belevskoe the Principality, where, according to some, even issued its own coins.

In 1437, on the territory of modern beleva attractions which attract connoisseurs of Russian architecture, there was a battle between Tatar and Russian troops. The latter were defeated.

In the 16th century, there has been looting, fires. However, as in all other Russian cities. Another huge battle took place in 1536, near the village Amrani. The city became part of Moscow Principality, but was then South of its borders.


История и достопримечательности Белева



Attractions beleva have a high historical value. Here have not once been Ivan the terrible. Belev even included in the list of cities of the oprichnina.

In the 17th century the city had running water. In 1777, he became a district. In the eighties of the 19th century, the famous Moscow businessman Prokhorov launched in this city the manufacture of puff pastes. The plant is here today. Moreover, it is one of the attractions beleva.

In 2014 the city was lit the Eternal flame in honor of the 69th anniversary of the great Victory. During the war there were fierce battles. Killed about 12 thousand people. Status of city of military prowess is evidenced by a stele, installed at the railway station.


История и достопримечательности Белева



Attractions in Belev and Kaluga region a lot. There are Hiking trails that cover several towns. For Example, Kaluga – Belev. Such a journey can be done alone, in his car. And on the way enjoy the picturesque landscapes of the Russian provinces, which, unfortunately, a little away from the old, dilapidated buildings.

Below, learn about the attractions and beautiful places beleva.

The Spaso-Preobrazhensky monastery

It is known that in the middle Ages Nobel in place of the monastery was a temple. The exact date of the founding of the monastery, the local historians failed to install. It originated approximately in the first half of the 16th century. There is no precise information as to who founded the monastery. Some sources claim that this man was one of the princes Solntseva-Seeking.

So, the monastery was first mentioned in 1557. That’s when these places are visited Ivan the terrible. In the following decades, the monastery repeatedly suffered from Tatar raids. However, by 1616, on its territory there were six churches. However, one of them, St. Nicholas Church, was soon closed.

In 1615 the monastery was burned. Then rebuilt. The looting and fires by the mid-18th century there remained only three of the temple. This Transfiguration, the Baptist and Alexius of Moscow.

In the Soviet years the monastery was closed. Nearly 20 years he was in poor condition, and then was destroyed. Here today under reconstruction, but how long they will last is unknown.

Holy cross monastery

This monastery is also at the recovery stage. It is located on the high Bank of the Oka river, in the Eastern part of the city. The monastery was founded in the first half of the 17th century. Under Catherine II, he, like many of the monastery in Russia, was abolished. A few decades later it tried to restore the locals, but to no avail.


История и достопримечательности Белева



In the nineties of the last century on the territory of the monastery began repair work. The architectural complex is located in the most picturesque part of the city.

City of military valor

The monument was opened in 2016. And in the same year there appeared in the memorial “Military train”, which you can see the photo below.


История и достопримечательности Белева



Artly-Museum of local lore

In order to get acquainted with the history of the city, to visit the facility located at: the marks street, house 114. There are regular art exhibitions. However, the Museum often students from local schools, rather than tourists.

The miracle of the Russian provinces

The so-called tour that includes visits to two cities of the Tula region — Odoev and beleva. It lasts 13 hours. The price is 2500 RUB.

In the 19th century Belev became the capital of the confectionery. Here produced the best candy in Russia. The recipe was passed down from generation to generation, it was a well-kept secret.


История и достопримечательности Белева



During a tour of Bellevue Odoev and tourists visit the architectural monuments of these cities. Among the interesting attractions Belevsky — factory, founded by Prokhorov. Tourists dressed in white clothes and penetrate into the “workshop” for the production of sweets. They witness the production of pastes at every stage: from raw material input to roasting sweet layers. In the end — a master class for those wishing.

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