Sunday , August 9 2020
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Funny things

Addicted to honey bear found at the scene

He ate about eight pounds of honey. In China the camera shot, like a bear in the night snuck into the apiary and ate about eight pounds of honey from the hives. Footage published by local centre for nature conservation, show that the Asiatic black bear, which is believed to …

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The dog saved a man from a falling tree

The animal dragged the owner from the place of incident. In England, the dog saved the life of his master, when he nearly fell the tree. A four-legged friend breed of Schnauzer Betty BU pulled Brand the Browser from the falling tree. It all happened in a matter of seconds …

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Network laugh the dog danced for the cat

The video is gaining popularity. Met on the street, the dog and the cat for a long time silently looked at each other, until the dog decided to show the daring dance moves. Dog dance impressed the opponent and forced the social network to laugh. Video with a dancing dog …

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New hit: funny cat tested the patience of dogs

Video amused users. As is known, the relationship of cats and dogs are not always serene, especially if the animals live in the same area. Cats always feel the main in the house and dogs for them has never been authority. The network has shown an interesting video cat-dog “communication”. …

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