Sunday , October 25 2020
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Funny things

Lukashenko and Putin made fun of a new caricature

New work of Sergey Elkina. President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has portrayed the caricature together with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The caricature was posted by its author — Sergey Elkin, on his page in Facebook. Alexander Lukashenko sits on a square with a menacing expression. And in the background, at …

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Addicted to honey bear found at the scene

He ate about eight pounds of honey. In China the camera shot, like a bear in the night snuck into the apiary and ate about eight pounds of honey from the hives. Footage published by local centre for nature conservation, show that the Asiatic black bear, which is believed to …

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The dog saved a man from a falling tree

The animal dragged the owner from the place of incident. In England, the dog saved the life of his master, when he nearly fell the tree. A four-legged friend breed of Schnauzer Betty BU pulled Brand the Browser from the falling tree. It all happened in a matter of seconds …

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