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Funny fight between two rabbits has become a new hit Network

Забавная драка двух зайцев стала новым хитом Сети

The video has already been seen 11 million times.

The network showed the fight between two rabbits right in the middle of the roadway, the animals so carried away that did not respond to the shouts and claps of the author of the video.

Appropriate personnel posted on the Facebook page of Desmond Gazanda and already gained 11 million views.

They show that two hares standing on their hind legs lash out, striking the opponent strikes with its front paws. The fight resembles a dance and does not look fierce. However, the animals seriously excited about it — the author video at some point, began to shout and clap their hands to separate them. Rabbits only for a few seconds distracted from the fight, and then again continue it.

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