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Formula of love: why the Khabarovsk experienced a series of protests after the arrest of the Governor

Формула любви: почему в Хабаровске не утихают протесты после ареста губернатора

Sergey Furgal could write a training manual on how to behave to people not shied away from power.

Read the posts of the festival in support of Sergey Furgala and I think, how little our people, in fact, necessary. What did he do this in less than two years at the head of the region that the citizens here already a week out on the area and send the prisoner a parcel in Lefortovo prison?

If you believe the social networks and other open sources, nothing supernatural. The foundations are not undermined. Putin did not criticize. The established corruption schemes was not destroyed. So, things were fronderstvo.

Well, reduced his salary several times — from 1.4 million to 400 thousand per month. Me, by the way, it amazes why most svezheizbranny governors almost the first decree to raise salaries himself and his team. After all, nobody believes that they live on one salary, so why are you angry.


Put up for sale the Governor’s yacht, which the region has acquired over a million dollars in 2006, with Governor Victor Ishayev and the contents of which had cost the budget of 600 thousand rubles annually. However, while no one seems to be not bought to rot in the warehouse.

Forbade officials to fly business class. Imagine how they are poor, suffer in economy communion with the people. This is how much about yourself you can hear things when it is not separated from the electorate at least curtains business class.

What else? Managed financial reserves (perhaps due to business class) — and now students from low-income families eat one with a “paysite” menu. For one it is the parents ready to wear Furgala on hand. Strikingly, not how it is necessary to understand the psychology of citizens to organize in the school of social segregation, transplanting at different tables, “poor” and “rich.” By the way, 50 thousand elementary school students in the region already get free Lunches and no separate constitutional amendments to do this, the Governor why-that was not needed.

Go ahead. Found the opportunity to build/buy a 580 apartments for orphans. Former civil servants and deputies of the regional Parliament cut pensions in half. Defrauded promised help. Officials reduced: there were 20 ministries was 16.

In General, Rob the rich a little bit, added to the poor a little bit-and already a national hero.

It would seem that hinders creatures of the Kremlin, similarly, to portray the humanity and concern for voters within the allotted budget? Maybe they just have not given manuals on how to behave to people not shied away from them as occupiers? So let Furgal write — he is now in the chamber a lot of time.

The essence, in fact, so clear.

First, to ban ostentatious gentility. All those millions of salary, limousines, yachts, and business classes. Foie Gras and white truffles — only at night under your pillow or better somewhere on vacation in nice, away from local eyes. And the people — potatoes with onions Solec Yes with tears.

Secondly, stop buying the loyalty of local officials and deputies, raising their salaries, pensions, etc. Ordinary citizens is terribly annoying, and Treasury people, and so will hold on to their posts to the last, even if they are translated at the average salary in the region. By the way, interesting to see how many will quit after this innovation.

Third, to oblige the future heads of regions before sending it to places to take the lessons of stage skill to the meetings with the natives convincingly portrayed participation and attention. Enough to get people to jump for the keys to donated cars, to push them into the mouth of porridge common spoon on city holidays to feed pancakes with a shovel. Humiliation is not the best way to win supporters. Pancakes with porridge, of course, will eat, and the car will take, but the stone in his bosom hide.

Fourth, Unlearning to lie on trifles. And then some of it is so habit forming that even the question “what time is it” can’t answer honestly. More of the obvious: not to be rude in response to uncomfortable questions. Much forgive our man for an open mind and honest dialogue, or at least their skillful imitation. If still alive, the old party members from among the secretaries of regional committees and district — let them teach, they the school took place. Same basic political technology. But for some reason completely forgotten in our times.

Fifth, cease to begin its work in the territories with the construction of all of these Patriotic parks, clusters, local “silicon valley” and other new Vasukov, fit only for kickbacks. Enough to fix two or three barracks, to establish in a local hospital shower Yes to attach to the school a warm toilet. Budget consumption is small, and national recognition in the years ahead will be enough.

The question is why such manuals are still there? Why at competitions the personnel reserve of potential leaders is forced to jump from the cliff, to go under the APC and to study Chinese philosophy instead of having to send for a month in the remote village with the minimum wage in his pocket, without any communication with the outside world? Survives, adapts, will find a common language with the local — there is a chance that the government will handle it. Run away — good riddance.

But the authorities, apparently too fond of the steps, of which the ordinary voter fell as an extra element. Here today and wonder why people suddenly took to the streets for some “bandit”. Looking for “external customers” and “economic motives” of the people’s Assembly, organize a conspiracy of silence about the events in the region in the Federal media.

Although maybe just quickly trained the applicant in the place of the prisoner in this training manual. And in fact, as noted by one of the protesters in Khabarovsk, any Governor, an appointee from the usual “Putin’s soldiers” will fly in the next elections, even if his opponent will be the horse Furgala.


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