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Facebook and Google have criticized the decree trump about censorship in social networks

Facebook и Google раскритиковали указ Трампа о цензуре в соцсетях

The law gives the authorities the ability to monitor social networks.

Facebook and Google have said that the decree of the President of the United States Donald trump on social networking can cause harm to the Internet and the digital economy.

It is noted that social network for a long time called to censor everything that might offend.

“Exposing the company to potential liability for what they say billions of people around the world, thereby punishing companies that prefer to allow controversial speech, and encourage the platform to censor everything that might offend anyone”, — said the representative of Facebook’s Andy stone in a statement.

In Google believe that the decree trump could damage the American economy.

“To undermine section 230 in this way will harm the American economy and its global leadership in the field of Internet freedom,” said Google spokesman Riva Sciuto.

Before that, the Twitter called reactionary and politicized trump’s decree on regulation of activities of social networks. The company said that it is dangerous for the future of online expression and Internet freedom, the company said.

Earlier, the President trump has signed a decree, which, according to the White house, will give the authorities more opportunities for regulation of social networks.

According to the text of the decree, it is focusing on section 230 of the American decency act in the telecommunications of 1996. Section 230 provides broad immunity to websites that curate and moderate their own platforms. It notes that the provider of an interactive computer service cannot be treated as the publisher or independent source of information provided by a third party.

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