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Expert: 2016 will be marked by the growth of oil prices

Эксперт: 2016 год ознаменуется ростом цен на нефть

Tom Kloza, founder of the US-based Information services at the oil price (Oil Price Information Service, OPIS) expressed the view that oil prices this year will be between $ 20 to $ 49 per barrel.

He also noted that trade is quite volatile, and will lead to fluctuations in the price levels between 20 dollars to $ 49 per barrel. However, the average will be misleading. In any case, Kloza notes that predicting oil prices is the same that to predict the weather in the state of new Mexico — the average is always accompanied by sharp fluctuations in extreme disadvantage.

According to the expert, oil prices are currently unsustainably low, and this year will be extremely bumpy. But he noted the possibility of a return to the value of $ 100 per barrel, but in the next ten years. He is inclined to believe that in the current decade this is unlikely to happen.

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