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Elon Musk was intrigued by a new feature Neuralink

Илон Маск заинтриговал новой функцией Neuralink

The device will allow users to listen music directly in the brain.

Followers Elon musk continue to discuss his new project Neuralink, the presentation of which is planned for 28 August this year. Briefly, the head of Tesla and SpaceX has a plan to implant microchips into the human brain that will help to combat neurological diseases, and in the long term is to create an ideal interface for direct connection of a human with gadgets.

In their new tweets Musk also intrigued followers curious detail: in answer to the inquiries of subscribers, he confirmed speculation that implantable chips will allow people to listen to music without using headphones — just from your brain. In addition, the chip supposedly can control the level of hormones and other biochemical mediators — for example, to control anxiety.

Илон Маск заинтриговал новой функцией Neuralink

As envisioned by Musk, the process of implantation of the chip will be fully automated. In 2020, the experts have already conducted a number of experiments on animals and hope to soon get permission to test the chipping of a person.

On the official site there are always new jobs — there are looking for engineers, specialists in robotics, histology. Apparently, the work is in full swing and preparing for the presentation is in full swing.

The news of the possibility of listening to music without any devices has caused a lot of discussion. And no matter how innovative and interesting as the project, while some of it raises concerns. “Everything is fine, but to make people happier Neuralink can?” asked in the comments. This Masque has not responded yet.

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