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Dr. Komarovsky refuted the myths about heat and sunstroke

Доктор Комаровский опроверг мифы о тепловом и солнечном ударе

A common problem for many.

Eugene Komorowski said that such a sun and heat stroke, and how to avoid them. Related publication the doctor has posted on his page in social network Instagram.

“There is a standard recommendation, it is desirable to apply sunscreen 20 minutes before you decide to go out. The most important thing — when you pick up the cream, in fact there are only two substances that can be used: zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. Everything else is commercial nonsense”, — said Komorowski.

The doctor also indicated that the cream will not achieve the desired result if it is applied directly on the beach. In addition, do not forget about the cap, heat it is sometimes more needed than in winter.

It is understood that thermal shock can happen both in hot weather and in conditions of high temperature in the bath, sauna or transport. And the sun it is rather a special case of heatstroke resulting from exposure to direct sunlight

To prevent heat and sun stroke are advised to wear light breathable clothing and a hat, you observe the drinking regime and is not too tight, giving preference to dairy products and vegetables.

In some cases, it will not hurt to take a cool shower. And in any case do not engage in active sports at a temperature above 25 degrees. Keep emotional peace of mind, as any excitement increases the risk of heat and sunstroke.

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