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Diocese and Abbot Sergius had two godparents of the operation in Yekaterinburg

Епархия и схиигумен Сергий провели два крестных хода в Екатеринбурге

“Jesus was a Jew! Is not it funny?”

Diocese and Abbot Sergius had two godparents of the operation in Ekaterinburg during the outbreak COVID-19. Report

The finale of the Yekaterinburg festival of the “Royal days” — the procession on the anniversary of the execution of the Romanov family — this year I had to spend in unusual circumstances. Ongoing pandemic coronavirus, and in the Urals, the epidemiological situation is particularly severe. In addition, the spring unfolds the conflict between the Ekaterinburg diocese and one of the main proponents of the cult of the Royal family — shehurina Sergius. The latter, once COVID-a dissident, anathematized both Cyril, the Metropolitan of Yekaterinburg and the Patriarch, and called out his supporters to alternative religious procession in Sredneuralskaya convent, which manages. Correspondents went to both events — and the official procession, and the movement of the “soldiers” of St. Sergius. About what happened there, and there, — in our report.

“10 thousand”

As before, the Yekaterinburg diocese came to the “Royal days” in a big way. Early in the week before the concert theatre “Kosmos”, which is located near the Temple-on-Blood, the starting point of the procession, began the Orthodox fair. On Thursday, just before the procession on the perimeter streets of the Royal set up tables to confession and taking the Holy bread. On-site distributed toilets and places to store things. But pilgrims from other regions this year near the Temple-on-Blood almost was not, it was evident and surprising. They usually arrive ahead of time, live in tents, set between “Space” and the Temple-on-Blood.

Епархия и схиигумен Сергий провели два крестных хода в ЕкатеринбургеAt the Temple-on-Blood gathered, according to various estimates, from 1 thousand to 10 thousand chaloukian Maslov /

This year due to the coronavirus, the diocese did not install the “official” tent city. The regional authorities have urged citizens to refrain from participation in mass events. And, apparently, many believers listened. The only tent, set on a hill, belonged to a Cossack rapid response team (COBRAS) — Cossack forces. The purpose of his presence at the event — to prevent possible provocations and to protect Metropolitan Kirill.

Most of the pilgrims from other regions came to the Temple-on-Blood directly to the beginning of the vigil service is preceded by a procession. The minibus in which they were brought up, parked along the street may day. One of them, for example, was a sign Miass. In the end the service, according to estimates of the correspondent gathered around 1-2 thousand. According to the press-Secretary of the Ekaterinburg diocese of Angela Tambawal, there was more at the start of the procession reached 10 thousand

Епархия и схиигумен Сергий провели два крестных хода в ЕкатеринбургеA veruschie wore masks and no one followed the social distancewise Maslov /

The procession began about 2:30 in the morning. When the first believers had already reached the Work area, the tail of the column still passed the intersection of Lenin Avenue to the street on March 8. Among the participants in the procession this year was not a big businessmen or prominent politicians. Was seen only the owner of the shopping center “SIMA-land” Andrey Simanovsky, which, however, was only attended the vigil service.

“Won’t sin won’t hurt”

Among the participants of the diocesan procession this year, as before, there were a lot of older people. They were not easy because of the heat: in the afternoon the air temperature in the city reached a record high of +39 degrees. There were many families with young children. This procession was for its participants past, the diocese has tried to take safety measures. So, at each entrance to the square in front of the Temple-on-Blood representatives made their service of mercy. They had to measure the temperature of the incoming, to give them masks and spray their hands with sanitizer. They met believers at the end point, at Ganina Yama. “The entrance to the monastery today only masks! Please grab your masks!” fact of the matter is they are called.

Епархия и схиигумен Сергий провели два крестных хода в ЕкатеринбургеThe procession traditionally comes from the Temple-on-Blood to the Ganina Yama — this way in 1918, was carrying the body of Ramanavicius Maslov /

Many believers, however, refused. “Here, you know, faith saves us!” — told the correspondent Nadezhda Parshakova. She arrived on the “Royal days” of the Kungur part of a pilgrim group of 28 people. Admitted that the event is visited for the first time. According to her, a few years ago, she came in procession to Ganina Pit at the insistence of a friend. That, in turn, all advised to attend this event as a miracle: after prayers on one of the processions the Professor died, which is “filled up” the diploma to her son.

The issue related to the coronavirus with Hope agree Muscovite named Helen. “I’m sort of okay with that. That is, do not think much of such a pandemic. There’s a virus, as usual. To get afraid, and we have been ill. I, for example, has antibodies for,” said she. This woman flies on “Royal days” in 2016. This year she didn’t wear a mask, but the neck, in addition to icons of the Royal family, hung a portrait of the elder Nikolay Guryanov. With Hope and Elena agrees and the other from Moscow, Elena Gudkova. “It’s exaggerated, nothing to fear. Moreover, we have just received communion. And grace — it all clears”, she said.

Епархия и схиигумен Сергий провели два крестных хода в ЕкатеринбургеIvan Maslov /

Elderly pilgrim Irina from Magnitogorsk and does categorically stated: “to be afraid of God is necessary, but not infection. The disease of sins is given. Won’t sin won’t hurt”. The mask she had.

“Sergius — Holy man”

A lot of this year talking about the disgraced chiyoumen Sergius. Part came on the diocesan procession, as, for example, a resident of the Sverdlovsk village of Beloyarskiy Valentine did not approve of his preaching and his behavior is in conflict with Metropolitan Kirill. “My name was Sergius, but a holiday here. I’m here on this holiday went. I don’t know the whole story, but I am very sorry that he walked away [from the Church]. He is a very good priest, I still respect, but sometimes with the priests every. I will not judge him. It is not our business, I don’t intervene,” she said.

Those who supported Sergius, too, were many. “This is a man. And the Lord teaches us to love. I respect Sergius as a person. Don’t know what madness possessed him, but will pray that everything healed. I do to it first wanted to go and then I got here, but it so happened that I got lost. Go to Sergius later,” — said Oleg Gerasimov from Chebarkul.

Епархия и схиигумен Сергий провели два крестных хода в ЕкатеринбургеIvan Maslov /

The same Elena Gudkova said that “some things Serge says is correct, although maybe a bit harsh”. She likes what Abbot said about the digitalization of new laws. She also supported the position of Sergius about the closure of temples because of the pandemic. “At Easter, wanted to close!” — she was indignant. Admitted that, as a resident of Moscow, not really watching what is happening around Sergius. For example, it was news that Metropolitan Kirill has recently launched a rebuke against chiyoumen. In addition, she was amazed that “Deputy Sergei Aliev, from the Communist party faction left the Duma and returned to Ekaterinburg for Sergius”. We are talking about a former boxer and an Orthodox activist Sergius Aleeve that caused the creators of the movie “Matilda” for the match (actually the Deputy of the state Duma he was not).

The question is why, honoring Sergius, she came to the diocesan procession, Gudkov said: “This is the site of the murder of the Royal family. We go to this place, I had to be here.” About the same said a pilgrim from Magnitogorsk Natalia and Irina — the one that believed coronavirus punishment for sin. “We are the kings here!” — they explained. They both kept saying that Sergius “Holy man.” “For example, why a coffin in his cell? To the man realized that death was near and that sin can not be. And the hermits — they all sleep in coffins. Serge, it seems to me, however, do not sleeping. He has so many cancer patients! He has a four-story building, and it was the only time — confession and communion, confession and communion,” explained as best she could, Natalia.

Епархия и схиигумен Сергий провели два крестных хода в ЕкатеринбургеIvan Maslov /

She was even told that quit Smoking after one of the sermons of chiyoumen. Irina said that her friends survived the accident thanks to Sergius. “The conflict why all this happened — because the demons are not asleep. You accide he had? You’d figure that out. After all, the demons shout that? “We’ll destroy you”. And Metropolitan Kirill to act against Sergius made”, — said Natalia. “Yes Cyril Mason! It is for the money many will write and say,” he shouted in reply, Irina.

“Nicholas II would not bless such a process”

Representatives of the diocese say otherwise. The Abbot of the Temple-on-Blood, priest Maxim changers, speaking to reporters, stressed that the alternative procession, who conceived Abbot in his Sredneuralskaya convent irrelevant “neither to Christianity nor to the Orthodox of our Church.” “Since then, not commemorated, the ruling Archbishop, his Holiness, all this is beyond the scope of our Holy Russian Orthodox Church. And if you remember Tsar Nicholas II, I am convinced that he would not bless such a processes that surround us. Look at his humility, obedience,” he said.

Епархия и схиигумен Сергий провели два крестных хода в ЕкатеринбургеIvan Maslov /

During the vigil, a cleric of the diocese of Nizhny Tagil Gennady Vedernikov said from the pulpit a speech in which he urged “to be real Christians.” “We must not lose the most important thing is grace, which is only in the Church. We can be called at least three times the Orthodox. But what we have inside? As Christians do we? Do we have in Christ by grace? Because all the saints — why are they saints? Because they were the grace of the Holy spirit. And this grace, as his presence had not filed them in proud selfishness, but on the contrary, it was humbling. And the closer our saints were to God, the more they considered themselves sinners and unworthy,” he said. In his speech, the priest never mentioned Sergius, however, the addressee of his message is easy to guess.

Nothing is said about the conflict with Sergius and Metropolitan Kirill. He was generally taciturn. Before the procession Cyril has remembered only Duchess Olga Kulikovsky-Romanov of the Romanov dynasty (died 2 may 2020), thanked the authorities for the fact that they do not interfere with the procession of the cross, and came to the event and asked everyone to keep their distance.

“We hope to follow the example of the right people”

At 5:30 in the morning the first participants in the official procession reached the monastery at Ganina Yama. “Thank God that we have today, this holiday. He was invincible and unchanging. Memorial by the Royal family we are today, no matter what, are gone, and very glad of that soul. Thank the Lord that he has defended this truth, and nothing moved. The people saw that the Mother Church they can always find support. By the grace of God we are here today to worship the Royal family. Today, all the most important thing about them. We should remember their feat and through small bodily tribulation to join them”, — said Maxim Mirela correspondent his feelings about the procession.

He also stressed that “the true Royal procession — this” and it does not depend on which alternative events hosted by Abbot Sergius. “The ruling Hierarch Vikenty went this way, the current Metropolitan is today, I passed. And whoever went after us, they will go this procession. But if someone starts now to personalize these things, they just lose that spiritual connection,” — expressed his opinion of father Maxim. The 20-km route from the Temple-on-Blood to the Ganina Pit, he overcame one of the first.

Епархия и схиигумен Сергий провели два крестных хода в ЕкатеринбургеThe procession ends in the morning in the monastery on Ganina of Ameiva Maslov /

Ended the procession at 6:00 with worship at the Church of Holy Royal martyrs, which was held by Metropolitan Kirill. After the prayer, he addressed the congregation. “Dear brothers and sisters, I bow to you for this work and that a prayer of repentance, which we carried along with you in the memory of the Holy martyrs and those who died in the years of fratricidal wars, in the persecution of the atheists, and the Orthodox faith. We pray and believe that the Lord preserves our land. I hope that with God’s help we will live the Christian way of life and take an example from the right people. Such were the Holy Royal family and all those who laid down their lives for our country and for our Holy Church,” said Kirill.

When he had finished his address, the last pilgrims still came to the monastery. Among them today were many people who spent the night on the alternative the procession together with shehurina Sergius in Sredneuralskaya convent. Apparently, in order to avoid any incidents, a mile before the monastery, along the Yekaterinburg ring road, lined six car crews of traffic police, six UAZ with employees patrulno-sentry duty and even KAMAZ with fighters OMON.

Епархия и схиигумен Сергий провели два крестных хода в ЕкатеринбургеThe Metropolitan defended Cossack chop COBRAS, and near the monastery, just in case duty ОМОН

“”Sect, sect”. What we a sect?”

Alternative “Royal days” disgraced priest turned out to be almost a complete copy of the official actions of the diocese. The same vigil in the evening, then from 00:00 to 2:30 divine Liturgy, and then a procession. To deliver their supporters from Ekaterinburg Serge also tried to organize a bus. They had 18:00 to pick up the pilgrims from the bus stop on ulitsa kraulya, 4 (this is close to diocesan administration). However, to leave on them was not all. The inspectors, traffic police and rostransnadzora organized the inspection of transport and was removed from the flight one of the buses. The driver was not license for passenger transport, inspection and certificate.

Епархия и схиигумен Сергий провели два крестных хода в ЕкатеринбургеAbbot Sergius spent his “Royal days”, which also came a lot of the Novels lugeiyamu /

At the same time they tried to hold anti-Romanovsky picket “Communist party activist” named Nikita, as he introduced himself to journalists. He stood in front of a bus with a placard “Down with kings!” “Tsars, the Romanovs, this is a major step in the life of our country, but it is time to step this page in history,” he told our publication. In the heat of the activist lasted 13 minutes, and then turned his poster and walked away.

On the territory of Sredneuralskaya convent journalists were let in at midnight. In contrast to the events of the diocese, here, everyone is required to remove medical mask.

“Hey, lose the mask! Here we have masks not go” — and then roughly called passing the guard.

To conduct the divine Liturgy in the monastery chose the Church of the Holy Trinity. The lower chapel copies the setting of the basement of the house engineer Ipatiev in Yekaterinburg, where in 1918, shot Nicholas II and his family. Everyone there didn’t fit, so most of the supporters of Sergius to the middle of the night waiting on the street. It was planned that the speakers will be there to broadcast the service, but the sound was too quiet.

According on duty in the monastery of the police, on the night of 17 July it gathered about 500 people. Press Secretary chiyoumen Sergius Vsevolod Moguchev called another figure — more than 1.5 thousand As the official procession, came to Sergius people from different regions of the country.

Епархия и схиигумен Сергий провели два крестных хода в ЕкатеринбургеSergius and his followers to especially revere the last Russian Romanov careerer /

Natalia from Chelyabinsk Korkino admitted conversation with the correspondent of our newspaper that for the past five years, she regularly attends Sredneuralskaya convent in the other place on the “Royal days” would not go. “Because that’s where true faith,” — says the interviewee. “Russia is the true faith received from Byzantium at the time of Prince Vladimir. And when I here this for the first time visited the monastery, you have heard these Byzantine chants. And besides, true grace here,” she added.

July 3, the woman came to the management of the diocese of Yekaterinburg on the street Repin, to stand in defense of St. Sergius before the ecclesiastical court, postanowili, then, to deprive a priest of Sana. “What? We even did not work! Tell us, “Sect, sect”. But what we a sect? They themselves to serve in masks came. Where is their faith? They turn to God came, why the mask, then did you come to God? If you do not trust God, stay home then. The silence God is betrayed, and why I’m here”, — says Natalya. The decision of the ecclesiastical court it calls “unfounded” and believes that things have gone so far already that it can solve only the local Council — “the people should decide”.

Ekaterinburg pensioner Lyudmila 15 years on the “Royal days” went in procession of the diocese from the Church on Blood to the Ganina Pit. “And now go. Because it’s not the gospel. It is necessary to wear a mask, the mask will sing: “Lord Jesus Christ, son of God”? So here I am,” explained the interviewee.

Епархия и схиигумен Сергий провели два крестных хода в Екатеринбурге

The events surrounding Sergius and Sredneuralskaya convent she treats as persecution. “I went to him when he was still at Ganina Yama. I know people who built with him in Alapaevsk, and all pray for him now! Father Sergius, all the gospel does. And in the diocese of the gospel is not, and God is not there. Instead of God coronavirus put there!” — said the old woman.

“Russia today is rotten through and through the body”

For about an hour the journalists ‘ attention to themselves chained the Colonel GRU in resignation Vladimir Kvachkov. The man accused of the attempted assassination of the former head of RAO UES Anatoly Chubais and who served a sentence for organizing an armed rebellion in Russia, on the eve arrived in Sredneuralskaya convent to support chiyoumen Sergius.

— Of course, father Sergius is the spiritual leader of the spiritual revolt against the existing situation, said Kvachkov. — My position — is a Russian Christian socialism. Serge does not take socialism while he takes Christianity exclusively. That is the struggle of Orthodox Christians for the purity of our faith. God of gods, and Caesar. Serge plays the role of the spiritual leader of the Russian Orthodox resistance to this bezbozhnikov and betrayal of Christ. For the first time in a thousand years the Church authorities refused Easter! It was the last drop that made to explode understanding the part of Orthodoxy. Not of the snot-dribbling, which professes humility to evil, but these Russian patriots.

Епархия и схиигумен Сергий провели два крестных хода в ЕкатеринбургеImprisoned for the attempted coup, Colonel GRU in resignation Vladimir Kvachkov came to support Sergei. They agreed on the belief that we need to deal with the “Jewish conspiracy”Jaromir Novels /

Kvachkov also called modern Russia “rotten through and through the body”, offered to take members of one of the nationalities of the state Duma and the government on the paddy and said that he was “ridiculous” the assertion that Jesus was a Jew. To the remark that Kvachkov repeats the ideas of the national socialists and Adolf Hitler, the Colonel explained that “Hitler wanted to kill everyone physically, but I’m not going to destroy them physically, only spiritually.”

Almost to the very beginning of the procession Kvachkov continued to talk in the same spirit. Only instead of the journalists, he was surrounded by three dozen men. Many, judging by the bearing, had to do with power structures.

At some point, the sound from speakers made louder. Over night the monastery suffered: “it is Unlikely someone’s else’s name so soslovie as the name of Tsar Nicholas II. But few with such gentleness and with such complete trust to God all these hardships so endured”. This strange worship rather like a school history report. Above the monastery resounded: “Economic policy. The reign of Nicholas II was a period of economic prosperity of Russia. From 1895 to 1913, the growth rate of agricultural production averaged 2%, while the growth rate of industrial production was 4.5% per year. Coal production in the Donbass has increased from 4.8 million tons to 24 million tons. Continued the construction of Railways, the length of which increased 44 thousand to 78 thousand kilometers. Total length of roads in Russia was superior to any other Jewish… a European power”.

“Take my life, take it.”

Religious procession in Sredneuralskaya convent started around 3:00. Before that, in the Church of the Holy Trinity, according to coming out guttural cries and periodically repeated “get out”, was the profile for Sergiy procedure amchitka — the expulsion of demons. “The army, follow me!” — said father Sergius, coming out of the doors of the temple. With banners and icons with faces of the Royal family, the column moved along the paths of the monastery.

Went long, about fifteen minutes. Procession father Sergius was much more comfortable than the hours-long procession of the diocese. After him, the Abbot, standing on the steps of Holy Trinity Church and surrounding himself with “seventy virgins”, often nuns, another half hour he turned to his congregation and the assembled journalists with different appeals.

Епархия и схиигумен Сергий провели два крестных хода в ЕкатеринбургеFather Sergius and his Novels storonnikami /

To his fans, he announced that he suffered, as long as it “were crucified and shot clothes,” but stopped when “said I left you, my family”. “Here, in the monastery, pray for people, why are you getting us? I am ready to give my life for each of you! And those who govern the country — Putin, the Patriarch and Metropolitan Cyril — are you sure they do? I do, and they? Let him stand here and say that there give my life for you!” almost fell on the Creek, Sergius.

Then switched to journalists. “You tell me, are journalists, than I am to you? I just want you to be happy, self-sufficient, so that you have education and medical care. Why are you not supporting me?” — asked the representatives of the media Sergius. And then he explained what he needs help: “Pandemic, where’s the pandemic? There is no pandemic, this is a voluntary consent to house arrest! Journalists, why are you silent? The inside man is mind and spirit. It is your past, present and future. The inner man is the word, and the word is you. The word is God, and God is love. Dear journalists, you’re the light, like God. I want to convey to the Russian people and the world that Chabad — the road to hell. Without this, the world government do you, Russia, is not self-sufficient? Do you have no talent? Really dried up the Russian people?”

Епархия и схиигумен Сергий провели два крестных хода в Екатеринбурге

Has not done his speech without a theatrical gestures. Once again returning to the proposal to sacrifice themselves in Russia, a disgraced priest suddenly switched to demanding tone: “Take my life, take it.” In response the touched fans immediately began to make noise like it’s really going to happen a tragedy: “No, father, wait a little more!”

Over alternative “Royal days” in the monastery of St. Sergius two hours before the diocesan, around 4:00. The faithful hurried to the refectory. “Mom, well finally, at least meat now to eat,” he stated publicly run past me together with parent baby. Near hugged and congratulated each other “happy” men. “Bogdaša you look! What are you, cold?”, — worried suddenly one of obnimashka. Bogdaša muffled voice, choking back snot, said: “Cold. From the air conditioner, probably.”

At the very entrance of the monastery on journalists in masks again started to make a noise: “All diseases of your masks!” The journalists did not respond and masks are not removed.


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