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Danish media called the main weapon of Russia in the Arctic

Датские СМИ назвали главное оружие России в Арктике

The Russian “super weapons” missiles “Dagger” – exceeds the service of NATO, the Alliance has nothing to oppose Russia in the Arctic, said the journalist, Danish newspaper Berlingske Emile Rottwell.

“Daggers”, according to Rotella able in a few minutes after launch the plane to go into space, to atmosphere at a rate 10 times faster than sound and destroy the target on the Ground.

“This is not just a fantasy – today Russia can do that. We don’t know how far flies the new Russian rocket “Dagger”, but one thing is certain: with his speed, accuracy and at least a thousand kilometer radius, it changes the balance of power in the Arctic”, – quotes the journalist, “new York times”.

According to the author of the material, the American base of Thule in Greenland defenseless before the “Daggers”. He quoted the Danish captain-Lieutenant Anders a Bunch of Nielsen on this subject.

“Radar Tule – part of the missile shield, and in the event of war the Russians just want to destroy them. And now they are virtually not protected, so the Americans have a new task in Greenland,” – said the expert.

The Arctic, according to Anders Nielsen of the Bunch, has great conflict potential in this region, Russia has secured a “very strong military position.”

“So the West is very risk to do something that would alarm Russia. For example, if the United States really will start to send the military ships on the Northern sea route, to show that we are not talking about internal waters of Russia”, – said Rottwell. In this case, as suggested by the captain-Lieutenant, Moscow will see it as a violation of sovereignty, and the situation could spiral out of control.

In may, us President Donald trump announced that the US is creating “super-duper-rocket”, which is 17 times faster than all existing analogues. Later, trump revealed the characteristics in the US, hypersonic missiles. He also stated that “super-duper-rocket” supposedly “so fast that its extremely hard to miss.”

In July, the Pentagon confirmed that this missile really is created. The military said that the missile is 17 times faster than the speed of sound, and not the other hypersonic weapons.

In the spring of 2018 President Vladimir Putin in the message to the Federal Assembly presented hypersonic systems “avant-garde” and “Dagger”. Later it became known about the development of a hypersonic cruise missile “Zircon”. Now Russia is developing dozens of projects in the field of hypersonic.

Newspaper OPINION wrote, what challenges will face “super-duper” rocket trump.

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