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Correspondence amber heard and Elon musk became public knowledge

Переписка Эмбер Херд и Илона Маска стала достоянием общественности

Also, the actress met James Franco still being married.

The court read the personal correspondence of actress amber heard and billionaire Elon musk.

Musk appears in the judicial proceedings, during the divorce actress with Hollywood star johnny Depp. It became known that the inventor was invited Hurd to organize a “round-the-clock protection.”

The conversation occurred after the rupture of the actress with Depp. It Musk admits heard in sympathy.

The publication quoted the Mask from personal correspondence with the actress: “the Proposal will remain valid even if you never want to see me again… anyway, I’m sorry. This is important only because I really like you”.

The court also found that the video, which herd captured during a meeting of the actor James Franco at the apartment Depp, was made on 22 may 2016. At this point, the star couple is still officially married.

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