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Charged for pictures with vaginas artist fined for LGBT images

Обвиненную за рисунки с вагинами художницу оштрафовали за ЛГБТ-картинки

The artist and FEM-activist from Komsomolsk-on-Amur Yulia Tsvetkov, which was accused of distributing pornography pictures vagina, fined 75 thousand rubles for the publication of pictures depicting LGBT people. She announced this on his page in Facebook.

“A fine of 75 000 in the second administrativke propaganda. To appeal, Yes, will,” wrote the girl.

That on Tsvetkov started a new business due to the publication of pictures allegedly promotes unconventional sexual relationships, became known earlier. The artist said that he posted these images in the framework of the flashmob. They depict a couple gay men with a child.

On 9 June it became known that Tsvetkova was charged with distributing pornography because of her abstract paintings vagina in public “the vagina Monologues” in “Vkontakte”. In the description of the community said that it was created to remove the “stigma with female physiology.” For this, Tsvetkova faces up to six years of imprisonment.

The case against the activists began to open when she tried to organize a festival of youth art. Authorities declared him a “depraved plague” because of the play “Blue and pink” gender stereotypes and anti-militarist statements with criticism of the Soviet Union. The artist has also received threats from homophobic movement “Saw”.

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