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Cat became a star is a fun parody of “pulp fiction”

Кот стал звездой забавной пародии на «Криминальное чтиво»

The cat was the perfect complement to the picture.

Perhaps, in the world there was a movie that at least once in my life watched a Comedy “pulp fiction.” And we are convinced that no one imagined new characters next to the famous John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson. But the network has fantasized and created a video with religious scenes with the usual black cat.

Parody video posted on YouTube directed by Thibault Carrobbio. Helped him create a video of his partner – writer Olivia Boone, who suggested cat Lizzie is one of the leading roles in parody. The Director has cleverly combined the footage with your pet with the iconic pieces of tape Quentin Tarantino. And the result of his work has managed to amuse thousands of network users.

What other parody films shot with the cat

First videos with the black fluffy cat Lizzie has appeared in 2018. Then it was just a hobby Thibaud and Olivia. The Director worked as a video editor, so in between work looking for interesting ideas that helped him to hone skills. And came to the aid of his beloved fiancee.

One day the couple decided to make a short film about her fluffy black cat Lizzie. With that and started a project that lasted for 2 years. A series of rollers called OwlKitty, and frames with a pet, the artists curiously combined with the film “50 shades of grey”, “the Witcher”, “Jurassic Park”, “the Avengers”, “the Matrix”, “Friends” and other Parody already conquered the fans with humor, and new work from Thibaut and Olivier Carrobbio Boone expect more than 700 thousand subscribers to their blog.

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